Forts Ferry Farm, Latham, NY

A farm in Latham? Yes! A farm in Latham!


Within the big ol’ Capital Region, we have SOOO many things we can do for fun. Sure the trampoline parks are cool, lots of restaurants and the malls. But what else is there to really do? So many times I hear people say, “I hate where I live” or “there’s nothing to do here.” And, I’m here to prove that is not true, at all!

Forts Ferry Farm

A year or so ago, just doing the typical Instagram scrolling, I stumbled upon Forts Ferry Farm! I loved their pictures and looked through their business info. Forts Ferry Farm, Latham, NY…. Latham? Where the heck is there a FARM in Latham? I couldn’t believe it.

So, last Sunday I had a coffee date planned with a friend at a Starbucks in Latham. I had extra time, so I was like “I’m going to that farm!” Finding the farm was super easy! If you know where the Latham Target is then its just 2 or so minutes from there!

The farm is open Thursday through Sunday. 12 to 6 on Thursdays & Fridays, 10 to 4 on Saturday & Sunday.

The first thing you’ll see when pulling is in the MARKET. Just tell me how cute this little market is!? Adorable!



I was on the hunt for veggies!

The most interesting thing that I found was in fact, the veggies! They were the typical veggies we see at the grocery store, but a unique variation! They call this “Heirloom Produce.” Arrowhead cabbage, Konasu Eggplant, Scarlet Globe Radishes, Applegreen Eggplant, Parisian Gherkin Cucumbers (I bought these!!) Rugosa Friulana Squash, Tondo Scuro Zucchini, English Custard Summer Squash, and so many more! You have to check out their selection!

The Forts Ferry also gets in farm fresh meats & eggs from their friends at Fat Apple Farm that is located in the Hudson Valley, downstate.






Forts Ferry Farm also sells unique handmade goods. You can find an array of items from soaps to brooms, linen sprays and honey, paper goods and candles. They have it all! So many good finds!

Some things in our home that I refresh with linen spray are- the couch, pillows, comforter, soft chairs, dog beds & blankets, carpets, doormats, the shower curtain…


I purchased this Tidy Thyme, Room + Linen Plant-Based Spray. I love linen sprays if you’ve seen on my Instagram before, I do go a little crazy with my lavender oil spray. I had to switch up the scent and purchased Gentleman’s Cavern. I love the smell! It is masculine but fresh, and it works perfectly in our home. Some things in our home that I refresh with linen spray are- the couch, pillows, comforter, soft chairs, dog beds & blankets, carpets, doormats, the shower curtain, etc.!

Visit Forts Ferry Farm, today! 





Author: Taylor Flowers

Upstate, New York living. Wifey, pet momma, hairstylist, crafter, aspiring homemaker, & sarcasm connoisseur.

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