DIY Floral Arrangement on a Budget

perfect for home, present on a budget, or just for fun!


Who doesn’t love a small bunch of flowers to brighten up their home? I know I sure do! Need a birthday present for a friend on a budget?

crazy plant lady

I absolutely love having flowers and plants lining the shelves and tables of my home. I’m big on plants. The greenery instantly brightens any style of home, they are usually easy maintenance, and… you don’t have to dust them!

mrs. flowers, litterally

But, today I wanted to add a floral arrangement to the center of our dining area table. I headed off to the best spot I could think of when it comes to a great selection of flowers – perfect for any DIY project… TRADER JOES!

If you haven’t been to Trader’s before, I sincerely mean this when I tell you that you’re missing out. Trader Joe’s is an affiliate of ALDI, another grocery store I love! Trader Joe’s is full of organic, natural, unique and convenient foods. Did I mention the amazing prices?

Trader Joe’s has an amazing floral section. I wanted to create a nice, bright arrangement so I was set out to look for some white/cream florals and greenery! My eyes drew quickly to the fluffy hydrangeas, my favorite flower. I had an abundance of hydrangeas at our wedding.

Tip for bride-to-be’s… use a ton of hydrangea! They come in an array of colors, fill an arrangement with just a handful of stems, and they’re priced very fairly!


I picked up my bushel of hydrangeas ($6.99), found some greenery that I liked! I’m not sure the name of this kind but it was so cheap! ($2.99) The stems are sturdy, so I knew these would hold up my arrangement longer than something more fragile. Next, I needed to add a second element to my simple design. I found some off-white spray roses.  I liked these because I’d say they are almost a dusty-rose color! ($4.99) So cute!


All you need is a pair of heavy-duty scissors (I used regular kitchen scissors) any type of vase. Remember to use a large-sized/ standard vase and nothing smaller or else you’ll be cutting off too much of your flower’s stem to fit the vase. I used a classic mason jar. OPTIONAL: add stones, pebbles, rocks, etc… Add these in first. I chose to add some large stones. I set the vase on its side so the rocks would not break it. I left a space in the middle so I could place the center of my arrangement there to have a little extra support.

Start by filling your vase with the biggest flower, whatever flower is going to take up the most room, for me, hydrangea. Separate your greenery (if applicable) I added my greenery next. Use the taller stems, or whatever is best to fit your vase. Randomly add in your secondary flower. I scattered the spray roses.



flower food


The flowers should come with flower food. This entire packet is usually mixed with a pint or 2 cups of water. I mixed up the food in my little waterer and poured the entire contents into the vase. If you receive more than one flower food, save the packets for when you change the water in a couple days! Changing the water and trimming dead ends on stems and flowers will help them to last longer!

Simple and easy!


What are your favorite flowers? Comment below!

Till next time, T ♥

Author: Taylor Flowers

Upstate, New York living. Wifey, pet momma, hairstylist, crafter, aspiring homemaker, & sarcasm connoisseur.

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